Update 08/17/2015 : Finally, MS will not restore this parameter and will remove them from the technet pages… That’s really not a good news for big companies receiving a lot of emails…

Update 08/04/2015 : MS told me that effectively this parameter is not working and they are going to make a fix.

Hi Guys,

Recently for my company I had to perform some reports regarding spam and malware identified by EOP. You will told me “Easy you can get them weekly or monthy by the O365 admin portal” (tab “reports”).


The problem is that you can only have a global report and as we have a lot of messaging domains in O365, we wanted to split them by domains. So I thought about using PowerShell :

Two commands to know, Get-MailDetailSpamReport and Get-MailDetailMalwareReport which will give you all the spam or malware identified in a timeframe.You can also give a domain to get only the spam or malware identified for a given domain.

The problem is that when using the domain parameter, the command doesn’t return any results…

I’m currently in touch with MS to know why it isn’t working ! They gave me a tool that looks extremely useful for malware and spam report which is “Mail Protection Reports for Office 365 “, you just have to give your admin credentials and the timeframe you want and the excel file will be filled with graphics and details !

But the spam and malware details tabs cannot get enough data to give me more than 20 min information instead of 1 week ! (reported also to MS)

I will keep you update on what I will found to perform this.