Hi all,

Today I faced an issue when performing a move request from our On-premise Exchange to Office 365.

The move request launched successfully but when I wanted to get the status of the migration with the command “Get-MoveRequestStatistics”, it returns me “Mailbox mailboxName is not currently being moved.”


Launching a “Get-MoveRequest” says that the migration status is “In Progress” but impossible to get a detailed status so impossible to know if I can launch the completion of the migration.

I did some search on Google and found an article in the technet (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2950235) talking about this issue but I have not been able to use the workaround proposed… It seems to be an issue when the mailbox is moved between databases in the cloud during the migration.

The only way I found was to ¬†delete the move request with the command “Remove-MoveRequest” and relaunch it.