Hello everybody,

You maybe never pay attention of it but when you enable the online or in-place archive and assign a retention policy that move emails older than a certain date to a mailbox. The AutoArchive to pst feature of Outlook (at least 2010 version) disappear (You cannot turn it on but also cannot turn it off (graphically only)).

If this feature is still displayed even an archive is enabled on the account, check the following things :

  1. Ensure that you assign a retention policy that automatically move items to the archive
  2. Ensure that the retention policy has been applied by the MRM process. To verify, follow this :
    1. Open OWA with the intended account
    2. Click on the gear (up – right) and select options
    3. In the “mail” section, select “retention policies”
    4. You should get something like this :


If it is empty then the MRM process did not yet apply the retention policy. you can force it by launching the powershell command “Start-ManagedFolderAssistant”.

Also ensure that you have “Default Archive” retention policy tag, if it is not the case, you need to correct your retention policy.