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March 2017

Lync/SfB – Simultaneous ringing not working

Hi all,

New day, new challenge !

We faced an issue where users who use/used the Skype for Business mobile client were not able to get simultaneous ringing working…

Even they disconnect and uninstall the application, simultaneous ringing was no more working for their mobile device set in AD but it was working with another number.

Then I launched the lync debug tool and saw that it was trying to reach the sip address (the phone number to reach was on an iPhone)

So I tried to test the push notification with this command on the front-end server :

Test-CsMcxPushNotification -AccessEdgeFqdn EdgeServerFQDN

So I followed the article to configure push notifications :

Then simultaneous ringing start to work again for those users who were using the mobile app.




Domino/Exchange – Perform offline migration nsf to pst

Hi all,

If you cannot or don’t want to have a direct connection between your “old” domino servers and your Microsoft Exchange servers, then you can use Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange to convert nsf files to pst. Here is how to do it :

  1. Export names.nsf (NAB) from domino server and copy it on NME server
  2. Launch the NME program and perform the SQL configuration and logs folder path then close NME
  3. nme1
  4. nme2
  5. In ini conf file, add the following parameters:











  1. With SQL management studio, create the domino server from where the names.nsf is coming with the command below:

INSERT INTO [NME40DB].[dbo].[T_NMEServers] (NMEServerGUID,DisplayName,ServerType,ServerName,HostName) values (‘12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789123′,’DominoServerName‘,1,’DominoServerName‘,’DominoServerName‘)

For example :

INSERT INTO [NME40DB].[dbo].[T_NMEServers] (NMEServerGUID,DisplayName,ServerType,ServerName,HostName) values (‘12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789123′,’CHMAMA01′,1,’CHMAMA01′,’CHMAMA01’)

  1. Launch again NME and perform the “Discover Notes Information” by adding the “names.nsf” you got from step 1 this will help NME to translate Domino user names into Exchange user names
  2. nme3 nme4 nme5
  3. Then you can start your migrations/conversions by creating the collection of mailboxes you want to migrate and then launch the locate Notes datastore to define where to search the nsf files :
  4. nme6 nme7
  5. Finally you can launch the migration with the final step “Migrate user data”



SFB – Dial-In number displayed twice for new Skype meeting

Hi all,

On a fresh install of Skype for Business, I created one and only one dial-in number but this one wear appearing twice when creating a “New Skype meeting” from Outlook.

We discover that this was the case only when using Outlook 2010 or 2013 with the Skype for Business client 2016.

This was not the case when using Outlook 2016 or OWA.

The only workaround I found was to create a second dial-in number for a different language (One for English and one for French) then both numbers were appearing and no duplicates.

FYI, I was running Skype for Business Server 2015 with CU4.

Hope it will save you time troubleshooting.


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