Here is the situation :

  • Skype for Business
  • Client running Windows 7 under Citrix Xendesktop
  • Wyse terminals
  • Polycom IPPhones VVX

With the release of Polycom BtoE v3.7, Polycom is supporting VDI Citrix Xendesktop environment (HDX Optimization needs to be disabled) for BToe with VVX Phones running UCS v5.7.

We have found that when you install the software with a user, pair the phone with this user using the manual pairing (code pairing). You can sign out and then sign in (windows session), the pairing is restored automatically. If on the same machine, you log on with another user and then sign out and sign in again, the pairing is not restored automatically until you repair the BTOE installation…

This is due to the software not trying to create the following registry values if they do not exist when performing the first pairing for the user who did not install the BTOE software:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Polycom\Polycom BToE Connector]




After deploying a GPO to create those values at log on (create not update), the software is able to register the pairing code and pairing is automatically restored after a sign out sign in.

This issue also occurs in a “normal” enviroment (without Citrix XenDesktop) where desktop are shared between multiple users.

FYI, the pairing code change when the phone change his IP address. The pairing code is kept after a phone reboot.

Hope this will save you time