Hi Everyone,

This week I received a call from a customer saying that he can’t change his status and other users are seeing him with a different presence information…

As presence information are stored in the SQL database, I said to myself there is an issue with the user account in the database.

So I launched the SQL management studio and connect to the RTC instance. Then type the query : Select * from [rtc].[dbo].[Resource] WHERE [UserAtHost]='<SIPURI>’

I found the user and his resourceid, keep it in mind.

Delete the account from the Control Panel or by powershell and relaunch the previous query.

I still found the user but with a different resourceid.

So I delete it with the query : DELETE FROM [rtc].[dbo].[Resource] WHERE [UserAtHost]='<SIPURI>’

I wait for some minutes and recreate the Skype account using the Control Panel or Powershell and VOILA. The user was able to change his status and the others were seeing him correctly.